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Ultraviolet Light Provides Effective Defense Against Airborne Microbes

sun behind clouds with bird flying

The germicidal portion of the ultraviolet spectrum provides an extremely powerful method of addressing sanitation issues for both water and air environments. We have already addressed UV water applications in another blog post. In this post we will look at both commercial / industrial and residential applications for using ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to disinfect…

What is the Difference Between Fluorescent and Germicidal Bulbs?

Fluorescent vs. Ultraviolet bulbs

Most germicidal bulbs look like linear fluorescent light bulbs. They have the same shape. They share similar base types. Both use low pressure mercury arc technology. They both have hot cathode and cold cathode lamp types. And both produce the same ultraviolet radiation inside the bulb. So what’s the difference? The fluorescent bulb is coated on the inside…

How Can Ultraviolet Light Bulbs Help You Take Care of Your Pond?

Koi Pond

With Spring finally here in most of the United States, one concern of many homeowners is pond maintenance. Having a pond in backyard can be a great addition to a property’s landscaping, especially if there are Koi and other colorful fish in the pond. A pump/filter system usually includes a UV lamp which serves two functions: sterilizing and…