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A Guide to Beam Metrics for Comparing LED to Halogen Directional Lamps

Directional Lighting on Gallery

LED light is inherently directional. Most traditional light sources – incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent and HID – emit light in all directions. For these light sources to have specific directional characteristics, the lamp is made with a reflector and sometimes a lens to modify the illumination so it becomes more focused, or directional. For example,…

Why is Replacing Halogen 12V MR16 with LED A Challenge? Updated Late 2016

Directional Lighting on Gallery

Over two years ago, when we wrote this original post, there was general angst from lighting designers, contractors and owners about the usefulness of LED MR16 lamps as viable replacements for halogen MR16 in commercial display lighting applications. At the time, we cited a USDOE report from 2014 that showed “very few of the LED MR16…

Going Greener by Recycling Burnt Out Bulbs

light bulbs waste

One of the main benefits of replacing incandescent and halogen lighting with CFL or LED is the lower energy usage and bills that result. Even these types of bulbs burn out, making all types of light bulbs prime candidates for recycling. Incandescent & Halogen Bulbs The bad news is that incandescent and halogen light bulbs…

Effects of Incandescent Ban Revealed in Sales Trends

Trends for A-Line Lamp Shipments

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association or NEMA, periodically releases sales trends for lighting products. These reports have taken on added interest because of Federal energy efficiency legislation banning the manufacture and import of certain incandescent light bulbs. The EISA legislation was passed in 2007, but the changes were phased in over a number of years. At the…

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