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How to Dispose of Lightbulbs & 5 Compelling Reasons to Recycle

hand holding CFL bulb covered with green vegetation

The EPA recommends that all consumers learn how to dispose of light bulbs, and for good reason… Fluorescent, LED, CFL and the many other types of light bulbs contain toxic materials that are harmful to your personal health, and that of the environment. But did you know that they can be recycled, and that there…

Sylvania Socket Survey Shows Move to CFL and LED After Incandescent Ban

Halogen, CFL, LED light bulbs

With Federal legislation effectively banning the common incandescent light bulb in a phased approach starting a few years ago, the public uproar made the front pages. But the legislation remained. So how did the country respond to the ever shrinking supply of their favorite 60 watt light bulbs? Fortunately, for those who want to know, every…

Going Greener by Recycling Burnt Out Bulbs

light bulbs waste

One of the main benefits of replacing incandescent and halogen lighting with CFL or LED is the lower energy usage and bills that result. Even these types of bulbs burn out, making all types of light bulbs prime candidates for recycling. Incandescent & Halogen Bulbs The bad news is that incandescent and halogen light bulbs…

Effects of Incandescent Ban Revealed in Sales Trends

Trends for A-Line Lamp Shipments

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association or NEMA, periodically releases sales trends for lighting products. These reports have taken on added interest because of Federal energy efficiency legislation banning the manufacture and import of certain incandescent light bulbs. The EISA legislation was passed in 2007, but the changes were phased in over a number of years. At the…

Some Fluorescent Bulbs Use Amalgam Technology. What Does It Do?

The performance of both fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent light bulbs deteriorates in ambient temperatures that rise above certain design parameters. CFLs are particularly affected. At high fixture and room temperatures, light output and color characteristics deteriorate. The reason has to do with mercury vapor pressure within the lamp, which depends on temperature. Some fluorescent…

What are the Bulb Options for Home Outdoor Security Lights in a Cold Climate?

Last winter we received the following question: We have an enclosed wall mounted fixture for a security light at the side door of our house.  The light is on all night. Our problem is getting the right light bulbs for the fixture. Standard 75 watt bulbs seem to have a very short life of just several weeks.…

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