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What to Consider When Choosing an Electronic Fluorescent Ballast

How to Select an Electronic Fluorescent Ballast

Fluorescent lighting is a system that relies on the compatibility between the lamp(s) and ballast for reliable lamp starting, desired illumination level, energy efficiency and achieving rated lamp life. The ballast controls the voltage and current applied to the lamp(s). Beyond these basics, ballasts also have many additional characteristics that need to be considered so…

Sylvania Quicktronic PROStart Ballasts: Designed For 32W T8 Super Saver Fluorescent Lamps

Sylvania Spyrostart

It’s important for building operators and facilities staff to remember that the ubiquitous T8 fluorescent fixtures found in most offices, schools and institutional buildings constitute a lamp/ballast system.  While the lamps may produce light using an number of ballast types, to get the highest energy efficiency, the longest lamp life and the fewest lighting related…

Fluorescent Electronic Ballast Starting Technology Options Affect Lamp Life

fluorescent fixutres in ceiling of office

Commercial fluorescent lighting systems consist primarily of T8 lamps and electronic ballasts. While LED linear tubes now compete as replacements for traditional fluorescent, the vast majority of existing and replacement ceiling lighting in offices, schools, hospitals and other institutions is fluorescent. At it’s best, fluorescent lamp/ballast systems can offer efficiencies, lamp life and cost effectiveness that rival LED.…