Bulbrite Decorative String Lights

Bulbrite decorative string lights

Our featured products this week are decorative string lights from Bulbrite.

String Lights Are Perfect For…

These light kits are perfect for outdoor decorative use and are especially appropriate for weddings, graduation parties, and any other summer festivities. For some great DIY examples, check out our string lights Pinterest board.

According to Bulbrite, you can “Enhance your backyard, patio, or any outdoor area with the Bulbrite String Lights. These decorative string lights are perfect for any festive occasion and can be paired with a variety of different light options from twinkling starlight bulbs to energy efficient LED vintage-style bulbs.”

closeup of vintage bulb on string light

Vintage light bulb in string light.

What Bulbs Can You Use in String Lights?

While any light bulb could be used in the strings (as long as they meet the wattage and base ratings), vintage light bulbs are some of our most popular consumer bulbs and are great for conveying a classic, yet modern, mood through the use of light.

We carry a number of different types of string light sets from Bulbrite, in 48-foot and 25-foot lengths with a variety of wattages and base types. The 48′ strings have medium base (E26) sockets, an the 25′ strings have candelabra base (E12) sockets.

I Need Longer Strings, Can They Be Connected?

Up to four strings of the 48′ version can be connected, while three of the 25′ version can be connected. And depending on your environment, they come in either white or black strings. All are outdoor rated.

Do the Bulbs Come in the Kit, or Are They Sold Separately?

Some come with the bulbs included in the kit, others are the string only and you can use whatever appropriate bulbs you want. So if you’ve purchased vintage lights from us in the past and don’t need a new set, you can order the string and bulbs separately.

String lights can set a cozy, inviting scene (so can pillows).

String lights can set a cozy, inviting scene (so can pillows).

About Bulbrite

Bulbrite has been in business for over 40 years, and is an active member of ZHAGA and the American Lighting Association. Topbulb sells a large number of Bulbrite products, but our most popular by far is their line of vintage Edison bulbs. To learn more about the company, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, or connect on LinkedIn.

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