Blue LEDs, Nobel Prizes, and Continuing October Promotions

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The World-Changing Role of Blue LEDs

Our email newsletter this week celebrates and acknowledges the inventors of the blue LED, who have just won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Why was the blue LED such an achievement?

The blue LED transformed the lighting industry and the world. Today, it is the reason we have LED bulbs that emit white light!

The bottom line is that, without white light from LEDs, they would not be viable for households or businesses. Who wants to sit at work all day under a green or red light?

Until blue, green, and red light could be combined in LED technology to emit white light, colored lights were the only application for LEDs.

But once the blue LED was invented and LEDs could emit white light, it was off to the races. LED technology was late to the game after incandescent, halogen, HID, and fluorescent, but it has become the most versatile and cost-efficient form of lighting in the world.

Congrats to the blue LED inventors, winners of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics!

Free Plant Lighting Kit

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Our Plant Lighting Kit giveaway is still in effect, and we can barely keep enough of them on the shelves. We just got a new truckload of them in on Monday, but make sure to use coupon code PLANT35 on your Topbulb shopping card to receive a free light. Great for restaurants, as gifts, and any business with a lobby!

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Our current Halloween savings promotion is also still in effect. Use coupon code RIP5 from now until October 31 to receive 5% off your order of light bulbs, ballasts, wall clocks, batteries, and other lighting supplies.

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Finally, if you just want free stuff, we’re offering a $25 Amazon Gift Card to a random winner of this month’s contest. How do you enter? Just review any or all of the products you’ve purchased from Topbulb in the past. Leave your review on the product page on the site. Everyone who leaves a review in October is eligible to win the $25 Amazon Card. Winner will be contacted and announced in early November.

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