What Are Advantages of MR Shaped Light Bulbs?

Halogen MR light bulbs

There are different types of light bulbs which come with a variety of shapes, bases, wattages, and more. Some of the best quality bulbs are MR light bulbs. MR is an abbreviation for “multifaceted reflector.” MR light bulbs are low voltage halogen reflectors which has different shapes which include: MR16, MR11, and MR8.

The bulbs were originally developed for the projector industry. However, the technology later found widespread use in all sorts of applications, for example track lighting.

As compared to PAR, BR and P, the main advantages of MR light bulbs are whiter appearing light, more precise beam control and the small size. MR light bulbs can be very small. This allows great flexibility in application.

It is not an option to substitute them with the existing 120V P, PAR and BR. However, it is worth to put into consideration MR16 for special down light or dynamic accent lighting applications. This is because the main objective is the creation of well defined pools of light. Another advantage of MR bulbs is that they have a very good match for LED technology since LEDs are inherently directional.

There are two specifications which you need to pay attention to if you are replacing MR16 with LEDs. These include trying to match the center beam candle power or CBCP, and ensuring that the beam angle is close to the bulb that it is replacing.

The specifications above are the measure of light intensity. In fact, they are more significant metrics than overall lumens. This is used specifically in narrow beam spotlights which are designed in order to highlight art or objects.

In terms of the color properties of the lamps, MR light bulbs emit more white light which is advantageous as compared to the yellow light provided by non-halogen incandescent lamps.

In conclusion, halogen and LED MR lamps are smaller than incandescent lamps. This is beneficial since the smaller the filament, the better the reflector.

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Dave Burtner

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