Sylvania Quicktronic PROStart Ballasts: Designed For 32W T8 Super Saver Fluorescent Lamps

Sylvania Spyrostart

It’s important for building operators and facilities staff to remember that the ubiquitous T8 fluorescent fixtures found in most offices, schools and institutional buildings constitute a lamp/ballast system.  While the lamps may produce light using an number of ballast types, to get the highest energy efficiency, the longest lamp life and the fewest lighting related complaints from occupants,  it’s essential to match the lamps with the most appropriate ballast.

This is particularly important when retrofitting 32W T8 fixtures with the energy saving 30W, 28W and 25W super saver lamp versions. To achieve the expected energy cost reduction and long lamp life, a high efficiency ballast built to operate these lamps should be used.

Equally important is matching the ballast to the lamp control strategy. Increasing use of energy saving occupancy sensing lighting controls in offices, schools and institutional buildings has resulted in a higher rate of ON/OFF switching of fluorescent fixtures. If the lamp / ballast system uses instant start ballasts and occupant sensing is later added as a control feature, lamp life will be negatively affected by more frequent switching.

Topbulb offers an excellent ballast solution that addresses these issues — the Sylvania QHE Quicktronic PROStart line of ballasts. This high efficiency series of ballasts is able to deliver extended lamp life using programmed rapid start technology. Compared to instant start ballasts, the PROStart line is designed specifically for long or short switching cycles — ideal for meeting the expectations of rated lamp life, reducing maintenance costs and for use in spaces where the fluorescent fixtures are controlled with occupancy sensors.

The Sylvania Quicktronic PROStart line has normal ballast factor ballasts for 1, 2, 3 and 4 lamp fixtures. Other features include:

  • Parallel Circuitry: in multi-lamp fixtures, if one lamp goes out, the rest say lit.
  • Lamp Striation Control: T8 energy saving lamps (30W, 28W, 25W) should be operated above 60°F, but under certain conditions, the lamps may striate. Special ballast circuitry minimizes or eliminates this condition.
  • Micro-Can Enclosure: the 1 & 2 lamp ballasts use the micro-can enclosure which allows the ballast to fit in small profile fixtures where standard T8 ballasts will not fit.
  • UL Type CC Compliant: these ballasts include a micro-controller based circuit to reduce arcing caused by loose connections or improper lamp pin-to-socket connections.
  • NEMA Premium Electronic Ballast Program and RoHS compliant
  • Warranty: QUICKTRONIC products are covered by the Osram Sylvania QUICK 60+® warranty, a comprehensive lamp and ballast system warranty.

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