New LED Vintage Bulbs a Fancy Alternative to Incandescent Edison Lamps

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This week’s promotion is all about our new offering of Vintage Edison bulbs. For years, we’ve been telling you about how cool these bulbs are, while steadily expanding our line.

From just a few vintage incandescent bulbs, we’ve built on that initial product offering. We now sell over 35 different types of incandescent Edison bulb. Even more exciting, we’ve added two new lines of LED vintage bulbs in both warm amber and warm white light.

The difference between warm amber and warm white is all in the color temperature. <a href=””>Warm white Edison LED bulbs burn at 2700K, similar to a regular incandescent bulb or 2700K LED. The defining feature of the LED vintage lamp is the exposed “filaments.” The warm amber LED Edison bulbs have a “warmer” look to them at 2200K.

From having no LED versions of these bulbs just a few months ago, we now sell 12 variations in warm amber, and 18 in warm white. We’re proud to offer them from brand-name manufacturers like Standard Products, Bulbrite, and Martek.

Possibly the best feature of our new line of LED vintage bulbs is their attractive price point: warm white bulbs can sell for under $10, with the amber bulbs selling for between $10 and $20. Incandescent versions of the same are around the $3-$6 mark.

For just a few dollars more than the equivalent incandescent bulbs, you can upgrade to LEDs which will last 5 to 15 times longer.

Check out our latest incandescent and LED Edison bulb offerings, and don’t forget to sign up for our weekly email newsletter where we announce our latest products and biggest promotions.

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