24 Uses for Tap Lights – Emergencies, Bug Traps, and More

Black Sylvania Dot-It Tap Light

Tap lights are some of the most versatile and unique lighting products available today. And with LED tap lights now widely available, you can use as many as you please in a room or outside, and almost never have to replace the bulbs. With their easy installation and energy efficiency, they’re some of the coolest lights you can find.

But what can tap lights be used for? Once you take the self-adhesive tape off of them, where can you put it? Here are just a few ideas.

  1. Use one in a closet without an overhead light.
  2. Put a row of them above your counter.
  3. Place a couple on stairs for better visibility.
  4. Burnt out dome light in your car? Stick a tap light there instead.
  5. Use them all over your RV instead of running auto lights off of your vehicle’s battery.
  6. No light behind the furnace in the basement or attic? Stick a tap light where you need to see.
  7. Have a collection of something on shelves? Perfect place for tap lighting.
  8. Doing garden work after dark? Put a tap light on the side of your house, garage, or fence so you can see better.
  9. Can’t see the doorknob at night to get the key in? Get a tap light.
  10. Use them in kitchen cabinets so you can see your pots and pans so you grab the right one.
  11. Emergency! The power went out! Keep a few tap lights in corners of rooms to make sure you always have some light in case of emergency.
  12. Have a headboard and want to read in bed at night but you don’t want to get back out of bed to flip a light switch? Stick a tap light on your headboard.
  13. Tool boxes and cabinets. You know what I mean if you’ve ever had to fish out a tiny screw in the dark.
  14. Bring a few when camping so you can see in your tent after the campfire’s gone out.
  15. Put one on your computer desk so you can see your keyboard at night.
  16. Put one inside of your safe, in case you need to get into it at night in an emergency.
  17. Use them in the corners of your deck so you can stay outside after the sun has gone down (but also consider some bug lights!).
  18. If your business has a wheelchair-accessible ramp, consider some tap light to provide better illumination for the disabled.
  19. Have a cat that goes outside at night? Keep a tap light on so it can always find home.
  20. Use them in a crawl space, especially if you need that space to shelter from tornadoes and other bad weather.
  21. Use them in a bug trap: cut the top off of a one-liter soda bottle. Put a light in the bottom of the bottle, then put the top back on upside down. Insects will be attracted to the light, fly into the bottle, but won’t be able to get back out!
  22. Have an old car with no trunk light? A tap light is an easy solution.
  23. Use them as accent lighting for paintings and other wall hangings around the house.
  24. Need to check your paper map when driving? Pull out the map, pull out a tap light, and navigate to safety.

Can you use tap lights to replace every light in your home? Probably not. Tap lights are best used for accent lighting, providing some light where there is not a fixture for a conventional light bulb, and for emergency situations where a battery-powered light is the only option.

There are many companies selling cheap plastic tap lights, which you might want to stay away from, especially if using the lights in an emergency. Sylvania has manufactured a line of Dot-It lights that are build solidly and come in a range of colors, from purple to green to black to orange. These can provide more personality than the more common black and silver ones.

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Nick Heeringa

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