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Flash & Strobe Tubes

Topbulb has a wide variety of flash and strobe tubes. Find your flash or strobe tube easier by using our filtering options. If you can't find what you are looking for in the offerings below, call 800.867.2852 or click the 'Live Help' button above to speak with a lighting specialist. In most cases, we can find the flash tube or strobe for you at a competitive price.

19 Item(s)

  1. WK20 Flashtube

    Price: $26.99

    Sale Price: $16.19

    In Stock

  2. WK94 Flashtube

    Price: $28.89

    Sale Price: $17.33

    In Stock

  3. Wiko Flashtube | 400W 450V T10
  4. WK92-UV - 1000W 800V Xenon Arc Flash Tube
  5. FT/EP256 Photogenic Flashtube
  6. WK92 - 1000W 800V Xenon Arc Flash Tube
  7. WK152 - 20W 400V Xenon Arc Flash Tube
  8. WK93 - 200W 400V Xenon Arc Flashtube
  9. WK76 Flashtube 600-1000V
  10. WK76-UV Flashtube 600-1000V
  11. WK120/UV Flashtube
  12. Photographic Flashtube | 1200W 900V
  13. WK98-UV SpeedoTron 600-1200V Flashtube
  14. FT/EP302 Photogenic Flashtube
  15. WK64 Bulb - 900V 2400W Xenon Arc Flashtube
  16. FT/C4-5UV Photogenic Flashtube
  17. WK96 Flashtube | 900V 2000W
  18. WK96/UV Flashtube | 900V 2000W
  19. FT/C4-5 Photogenic Flashtube

19 Item(s)