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Topbulb has a wide variety of ceramic xenon bulbs. Find your ceramic xenon medical bulb easier by using our filtering options. If you can't find what you are looking for in the offerings below, call 800.867.2852 or click the 'Live Help' button above to speak with a lighting expert. In most cases, we can find the ceramic xenon lamp for you at a competitive price.

13 Item(s)

  1. Luxtel TM2 - Digital Timer - CL1555
  2. Excelitas PE300BFA - Cermax Xenon Short Arc - ORC300F, CXE300BF
  3. Excelitas PE175BFA - 175W Cermax Xenon Short Arc - ORC175F
  4. Excelitas PE150BF - 150W Cermax Xenon Short Arc
  5. CL1495 - Xenon Replacement Lamp For Stryker X8000
  6. Excelitas PE150AF - 150W - Ceramic Xenon Short Arc
  7. Ushio UXR-300BF - 300W Ceramic Xenon Short Arc
  8. Excelitas PE300BUV - 300W - Ceramic Xenon Short Arc - 6.6W UV Output
  9. Excelitas PE300C-10F - 300W Elliptical - Ceramic Xenon Short Arc
  10. Ushio UXR300CU - 300W Short / Constant Watt Ceramic Xenon
  11. Excelitas Cermax J2022 -  300W Xenon Lamp
  12. Excelitas ME300BF - 300W Ceramax VQ - Xenon Parabolic
  13. Excelitas PE300B-13FM - 300W Ceramic Xenon Short Arc - Lamp Module

13 Item(s)