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RCA 26586 TV Replacement Lamp - Original Bulb

Original Bulb, Compatible Cage

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Order Code: VS265866

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  • VS265866 side view

RCA 26586 replacement TV lamp module includes the OEM, original bulb inside a compatible housing. Expect the same brightness and lamp life with this replacement as provided by the lamp that came with the new TV. See TV models below that use this replacement lamp.

Lamp Timer Notice

After installing new bulb, the lamp timer needs to be reset. Please consult your owner's manual for information on resetting the lamp timer.

Equipment Used In

This 265866 is used in the following equipment. If you do not see your brand and model in the list below, please call us at 800.867.2852.

  • RCA HD44LPW134YX1
  • RCA HD44LPW164
  • RCA HD44LPW164YX1
  • RCA HD44LPW164YX2
  • RCA HD44LPW165YX1
  • RCA HD44LPW165YX2
  • RCA HD44LPW165YX3
  • RCA HD50LPW164
  • RCA HD50LPW164YX1
  • RCA HD50LPW164YX2
  • RCA HD50LPW164YX3
  • RCA HD50LPW164YX4
  • RCA HD50LPW165
  • RCA HD50LPW165YX1
  • RCA HD50LPW165YX2
  • RCA HD50LPW165YX3
  • RCA HD50LPW165YX4
  • RCA HD50LPW166YX7
  • RCA HD50LPW167YX2
  • RCA HD50LPW52
  • RCA HD50LPW52YX1
  • RCA HD50LPW52YX2
  • RCA HD50LPW52YX3
  • RCA HD50LPW52YX4
  • RCA HD61LPW164
  • RCA HD61LPW164YX1
  • RCA HD61LPW164YX2
  • RCA HD61LPW164YX3
  • RCA HD61LPW164YX4
  • RCA HD61LPW165
  • RCA HD61LPW165YX1
  • RCA HD61LPW165YX2
  • RCA HD61LPW165YX3
  • RCA HD61LPW165YX4
  • RCA HD61LPW52
  • RCA HD61LPW52YX1
  • RCA HD61LPW52YX2
  • RCA HD61LPW52YX3
  • RCA HDLP44W165


Projector Lamp Type Original Bulb, Compatible Housing
Manufacturer Warranty 180 Days

Topbulb Order Code VS265866
Brand VSI Projectors
MPN 265866