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PL-L18W/TUV - 18W Germicidal Lamp 2G11 4 Pin Base

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Peak wavelength: 254nm. Total UV output: 5.5 watts. Cross reference: Philips PL-L18W/TUV (21064-1).

Cross References

  • Philips 21064-1 PL-L18W/TUV


Equipment Used In

This PL-L18W/TUV is used in the following equipment. If you do not see your brand and model in the list below, please call us at 800.867.2852.

  • Air Probe 100L
  • Amilair RBE18
  • Amilair RBE18TWIN
  • Cal Pump BF2000
  • Cal Pump UV18 (2006 & before)
  • Calutech Air Purifier 9002 MB
  • Calutech Air Purifier 900318
  • Calutech Air Purifier Mini Blue
  • Catfish Lighting 18 Watt
  • Coral Life 77084
  • Coral Life Turbo Twist 18W
  • Custom Sea Life Double Helix 18 Watt
  • Honeywell 100476735
  • Honeywell RUVBULB1
  • Honeywell UC100E1006
  • Honeywell UC18W1004
  • Honeywell UV100A1000
  • Honeywell UV100A1005
  • Honeywell UV100E1043
  • Oase Living Water 56236
  • Oase Living Water Bitron 18
  • Oase Living Water Bitron 18C
  • Miscellaneous Code: PCM
  • Miscellaneous Code: PHW
  • PlusRite 5005
  • PlusRite GPL18
  • Purely UV Products PUVG1118
  • Tetra Pond PLL18
  • Tetra Pond PUV2500
  • Tetra Pond PUV4000
  • Tetra Pond UV2 Pond Clarifier
  • Ultravation LPPP0001
  • Ultravation UME-1000
  • Ultravation UME-2000
  • Ultravation UVE-1000
  • Ultravation UVE-2000
  • Ultravation UVS-1000
  • Ultravation UVS-2000

About Atlantic Ultraviolet

Since 1963 Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation has engineered and manufactured ultraviolet water purification equipment, ultraviolet air sanitizing and surface disinfection systems. Atlantic UV also manufactures Ster-L-Ray brand germicidal ultraviolet lamps for residential, commercial and industrial equipment. Germicidal ultraviolet lamps utilized in Atlantic Ultraviolet’s and other manufacturer’s products produce short wave radiation that is lethal to bacteria, virus and other microorganisms. Atlantic Ultraviolet products are manufactured in the USA.

Watts 18
Base 2G11
Average Life (hours) 9000
Max Overall Length (In.) 8.90
Lamp Type Germicidal

Topbulb Order Code PL-L18W/TUV
Brand Atlantic Ultraviolet