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LED Standard Shape

The LED A-shape light bulbs in this category replace common incandescent bulbs with equivalent light output. Select the wattage of the incandescent bulb you want to replace to view LED options.

LED light bulbs provide two significant benefits compared to incandescent bulbs: (1) save on electric costs by using approximately 80% less energy with LED to produce the equivalent light of an incandescent bulb; (2) save on bulb replacement costs with LEDs which have a rated life at least 25 times longer than incandescent.

The most common light bulb found in homes in the U.S. is called an A19 incandescent. Wherever you find table lamps, floor lamps, pendants, ceiling fixtures and even bare bulbs screwed into a socket around the house, there is a very good chance you'll also find a 40W, 60W, 75W or 100W A19 incandescent light bulb. Today many of these incandescents A19 bulbs (effectively banned by Federal legislation) are being replaced by LED equivalent bulbs that provide 6 times the energy efficiency and at least 30 times the life of incandescent.  In the categories above, you'll find LED bulbs that provide the same light and similar dimming as the equivalent wattage incandescent bulbs. These latest generation LED bulbs have even better efficiency and longer life. Plus, the prices are low enough to provide a releatively quick return on your investment.

For a primer on buying LED light bulbs for homes, see our blog post Step by Step, How to Buy an LED Bulb for Your Home.