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Germicidal Bulb - American Ultraviolet, Emperor Aquatics, Fisher Porter

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Order Code: 05-1017A-R

Price: $69.99

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UV germicidal bulb replacement for: American Ultraviolet GML270; Emperor Aquatics 20065, 75 Watt Smart UV; Fischer & Porter 70UV3000, 443U575U01, 690B021U01, B153B008U01, B153L002U01, SBU-UVL64; Ultra Dynamics 8040.

Equipment Used In

This 05-1017A-R is used in the following equipment. If you do not see your brand and model in the list below, please call us at 800.867.2852.

  • American Ultraviolet GML270
  • Emperor Aquatics 02280
  • Emperor Aquatics 65 Watt Smart UV Sterilizer
  • Emperor Aquatics 80 Watt Smart UV Lite
  • Fischer & Porter 443U575U01
  • Fischer & Porter 690B021U01
  • Fischer & Porter 70UV3000
  • Fischer & Porter B153B008U01
  • Fischer & Porter B153L002U01
  • Fischer & Porter SBU-UVL64
  • Ideal Horizons 42039
  • Siemens LP4020
  • Siemens LP4280
  • Sunlight LP4020
  • Sunlight LP4280
  • Ultra Dynamics 8040
  • Wedeco 42039

About Atlantic Ultraviolet

Since 1963 Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation has engineered and manufactured ultraviolet water purification equipment, ultraviolet air sanitizing and surface disinfection systems. Atlantic UV also manufactures Ster-L-Ray brand germicidal ultraviolet lamps for residential, commercial and industrial equipment. Germicidal ultraviolet lamps utilized in Atlantic Ultraviolet’s and other manufacturer’s products produce short wave radiation that is lethal to bacteria, virus and other microorganisms. Atlantic Ultraviolet products are manufactured in the USA.

Watts 75
Max Overall Length (In.) 61.18
Lamp Type Ultraviolet
Lamp Sub-Type Germicidal

Topbulb Order Code 05-1017A-R
Brand Atlantic Ultraviolet
MPN 05-1017A-R