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group of LED light bulbs

Living Room

Too often lighting decisions become an afterthought when planning a remodel. This can lead to uninspiring spaces at best. A well planned lighting layout that uses quality light bulbs can turn a good remodel into a great one. Today, with 4th generation LEDs performing bettter and priced lower than ever, your lighting installation can combine finely tuned illumination, dimmability and high levels of energy efficiency. Topbulb offers a complete range of LED bulbs suitable for most line and low volt fixtures found in homes.

Make Your House a Home with Lighting

LED recessed downlight


Looking to update the look of your recessed cans and improve efficiency? Integrated LED recessed downlight retrofits can be installed into existing recessed housings without the need for rewiring. Whether it is new construction or retrofit, we offer many round, square and gimbal trim styles, fully dimmabile, and, your choice of warm or cool white illumination.

Set the Perfect Mood

LED surface mount light


LED surface downlights mount directly to the ceiling electrical box. The fixture housing sits flush to the surface of the ceiling and provides general lighting to the space. These contemporary LED fixtures work well in bathrooms and hallways.

Don't Starve to Death in the Dark

Recessed Downlight


An excellent choice for kitchen remodels, recessed downlights put light exactly where you want it. These fixtures are designed to work with PAR20 halogen, MR16 halogen and the equivalent LED versions of these light bulbs. Ceiling lights in kitchens frequently operate many hours a day. By using LED bulbs in these fixtures, you'll save energy and get considerably longer life compared to halogen without sacrificing quality of light and dimmability. Accent lighting in living rooms and hallways offers an additional opportunity for recessed fixtures. Choose the adjustable gimbal trims that allow precise aiming on artwork or other accents. Whatever your recessed downlight needs, first select a housing, then the trim.

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LED undermount light

Outdoor & Landscape

Undercabinet lighting provides useful linear illumination directed down to the surface of the counter. These spaces are often under lit. In addition, the thin profile of LED undermounts hides the fixture from view, while producing an attractive strip of light along an entire length of cabinets. These fixtures are equipped with a rocker switch for easy ON/OFF and are hardwired to line voltage wiring routed to the cabinet. Topbulb offers several LED undercabinet options.

Blind Your Neighbors Year-Round

LED Strip

Apartment & Condo

Add interest to your exterior porches and patios with white LED strips of light, or, connect multiple strips of white or colored LED light around your home for holiday display. Our LED strips include rope and tape light options. Rope light, operating at 120 volts, works great for long stretches of light because lengths can be easily connected. Low volt tape light is designed for interior applications such as undercabinet or cove lights where warm white or cool white strips provide attractive illumination. Equipped with a color changing controller, multi-colored tape light also offers the opportunity to create unique lighting effects. Topbulb offers a complete line of rope and tape light plus all the accessories.

Make a Small Space Beautiful