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DDY Bulb | 750W 120V T12 P28S Base


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This Topbulb DDY bulb with ANSI code DDY uses 750 watts and 120 volts. It has a P28S base, and an average rated life of 200 hours. It has a T12 lamp shape, and is an incandescent bulb.


Possible substitute: DGH (less light, more life, less heat).


  • 16mm Movie Projector
  • Bowling Score Projector
  • Filmstrip Projector
  • Slide Projector

Equipment Used In

This DDY is used in the following equipment. If you do not see your brand and model in the list below, please call us at 800.867.2852.

  • American Machine & Foundry AMF-8252
  • American Machine & Foundry AMF-5256
  • American Machine & Foundry AMF-8257
  • American Machine & Foundry AMF-8265
  • Harwald Co. Admatic 5J102
  • Harwald Co. Sonomatic 8J101
  • Harwald Co. View-Matic
  • Karl Heitz Astrolux 120S
  • Karl Heitz Astrolux 122
  • Karl Heitz Astrolux 125
  • Picture Recording Co. Pictur-Vision 55
  • Picture Recording Co. Pictur-Vision 75
  • Picture Recording Co. Pictur-Vision 75-B
  • Picture Recording Co. Pictur-Vision 1555-C
  • Picture Recording Co. Pictur-Vision 2075
  • Picture Recording Co. Pictur-Vision 5516
  • Spindler & Sauppe Selectroslide SL-750
  • Spindler & Sauppe Selectroslide SLD-750
  • Spindler & Sauppe Selectroslide SLR-750
  • Spindler & Sauppe Selectroslide SLS-750
  • Spindler & Sauppe Selectroslide SLS-750B
  • Spindler & Sauppe Selectroslide SLX-750
  • Spindler & Sauppe Selectroslide SLX-750B
  • Spindler & Sauppe Selectroslide SLT-750
  • Spindler & Sauppe Selectroslide SL-1200
  • Spindler & Sauppe Selectroslide SLM-1200
  • Spindler & Sauppe Selectroslide SLD-1200
  • Spindler & Sauppe Selectroslide SLR-1200
  • Tel-A-Story 12
  • Tel-A-Story JD-4
  • Tel-A-Story KS
  • Van Der Schalie Contimovie

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Watts 750
Lumens Per Watt 22.7
Volts 120
Lamp Shape T12
Base P28S
Average Life (hours) 200
Initial Lumens 17000
Max Overall Length (In.) 5.75
Bulb Finish Clear
Lamp Type Incandescent

Topbulb Order Code DDY
Brand Topbulb Best Source