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CBJ Bulb 75W 120V T8 Incandescent - ANSI CBJ

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CBJ bulb. Application notes: CBJ has opaque top; possible substitution CBC has clear top.

Possible substitute: CAS (clear top, less light, less heat).


  • 16mm Movie Projector
  • 35mm Slide Projector
  • Filmstrip Projector
  • Microfilm Projector
  • Slide Projector
  • Viewing/Editing

Cross References

  • Philips 6157N

Equipment Used In

This CBJ is used in the following equipment. If you do not see your brand and model in the list below, please call us at 800.867.2852.

  • Alpex (Allied Impex) Delux Portable Jr.
  • American Optical Pocket
  • American Optical O
  • American Optical MK-100
  • Argus A
  • Argus B
  • Argus CP
  • Argus DP
  • Argus PA-100
  • Argus PB-100
  • Argus Microfilm Reader
  • Bogen Photo Linda 35AL
  • Bogen Photo Auto-Feed
  • Burton Manufacturing X-Ray A
  • Burton Manufacturing X-Ray B
  • Burton Manufacturing X-Ray C
  • Burton Manufacturing All Purpose 300D
  • Camera Specialty Co. Voigt
  • Eastman Kodak Kodatoy Univesral
  • Eastman Kodak Table Viewer Model A Series II
  • Keystone Camera B
  • Keystone Camera C
  • Keystone Camera D
  • LE Davidson Picture Service Mighty Midget
  • LE Davidson Picture Service Mightier Midget
  • Minolta Mini-16
  • Minolta Mini-35
  • Minox Minox 30
  • Mundus Co. Club
  • Operadio Mfg. Co. Explainette 100
  • Operadio Mfg. Co. Explainette 14A35
  • Projection Service Co. Talk Pix 5
  • Projection Service Co. Talk Pix 6
  • Projection Service Co. Talk Pix 7
  • RCA PB-29
  • RCA PG-38
  • Reger Mfg. Co. 1601
  • Sawyer's Inc. Viewmaster S-1
  • Singer Corporation Illustravox Junior
  • Singer Corporation Illustravox Salesmaker
  • Soligor Deluxe Portable Jr.
  • Society for Visual Education (SVE) Electro-Acoustic A
  • SOS Photo Cine Optics F&B Ceco Pro Jr.
  • Society for Visual Education (SVE) Electro-Acoustic EA
  • Society for Visual Education (SVE) Electro-Acoustic EAQ
  • Society for Visual Education (SVE) Fresco Dental X-Ray
  • Society for Visual Education (SVE) Miniature RK (X-Ray)
  • Society for Visual Education (SVE) Tri-Purpose BB
  • Society for Visual Education (SVE) Tri-Purpose CC
  • Viewlex Language Station
  • Viewlex Preview Sr.
  • Viewlex Table Talk
  • Viewlex Sight & Sound
  • Viewlex View-Tape
  • Vokar C
  • Vokar D
  • Vokar FT
  • Webster Projecto-Sell AP-26
  • Webster Projecto-Sell AP-32
  • Webster Projecto-Sell AP-42
  • Webster Projecto-Sell AP-45
  • Weimet Film Co. Weimet

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Watts 75
Lumens Per Watt 16.7
Volts 120
Lamp Shape T8
Base BA15S
Average Life (hours) 50
Initial Lumens 1250
Max Overall Length (In.) 3.13
Bulb Finish Clear
Lamp Type Incandescent

Topbulb Order Code CBJ
Brand Topbulb Best Source