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Lighting Audit Opportunities for Commercial Properties

looking up at Sears Tower

In a previous article, we looked at retfofits for general lighting situations. Many buildings, regardless of the main purpose they are used for, will have T12 fluorescent tubes, magnetic ballasts and a ton of incandescent and halogen bulbs and HID lamps that may present retrofit opportunities. In this article, we’ll bring the focus to office…

Compare Three LED T8 Retrofit Options

fluorescent light fixtures in an office with cubicles

Currently, T8 fluorescent tubes dominate the commercial and institutional lighting sector both in number of lamps and in lumen output. The USDOE estimated in 2010 that there were 1 billion fluorescent fixtures in the U.S.  It is no surprise that LED manufacturers have focused on this potentially huge retrofit market with a large number of…

How Can A New Open Office Ceiling Transform the Work Space?

Soundlight Ceiling Lights

If you work in a large open office, you know the mind numbing monotony these spaces can create. Researchers have long believed part of the problem may be the ceiling. Because dynamic office spaces with many workstations require acoustic control, the standard ceiling is composed of suspended acoustic tiles. Since offices also require light, the typical…