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LED Retrofit Downlights: Selection Guide

recessed downlights in commercial building with escalator

  Recessed downlights are a common lighting fixture found in most commercial and residential buildings. Lobbies, hallways and conference rooms often take advantage of the clean ceiling look of a recessed downlight to provide ambient or accent lighting in these spaces. In homes, kitchens are the most common location where recessed downlights are found, but…

Sleek and Contemporary LED Flush Mounts Look Great and Save on Operating Costs

The next time you consider changing out an old ceiling fixture in a bedroom, hallway, closet or office, it’s worth taking a look at a new, competitively priced LED option on the market. These sleek, contemporary styled LED fixtures give you high quality light and dramatically reduced energy consumption compared to traditional ceiling mount fixtures.…

LED Upgrades Often Make Sense for Small Retail

When it comes to upgrading to LED lighting, owners of small retail businesses may assume that bottom line benefits accrue primarily to large operations retrofitting with hundreds or even thousands of LED lamps. While scale and buying power certainly help larger businesses justify major light upgrades, locally owned retailers will find they too have LED…

Lighting Audit Opportunities for Commercial Properties

looking up at Sears Tower

In a previous article, we looked at retfofits for general lighting situations. Many buildings, regardless of the main purpose they are used for, will have T12 fluorescent tubes, magnetic ballasts and a ton of incandescent and halogen bulbs and HID lamps that may present retrofit opportunities. In this article, we’ll bring the focus to office…

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