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LED Retrofit Downlights: Selection Guide

recessed downlights in commercial building with escalator

  Recessed downlights are a common lighting fixture found in most commercial and residential buildings. Lobbies, hallways and conference rooms often take advantage of the clean ceiling look of a recessed downlight to provide ambient or accent lighting in these spaces. In homes, kitchens are the most common location where recessed downlights are found, but…

How to Dispose of Lightbulbs & 5 Compelling Reasons to Recycle

hand holding CFL bulb covered with green vegetation

The EPA recommends that all consumers learn how to dispose of light bulbs, and for good reason… Fluorescent, LED, CFL and the many other types of light bulbs contain toxic materials that are harmful to your personal health, and that of the environment. But did you know that they can be recycled, and that there…

Why is Replacing Halogen 12V MR16 with LED A Challenge? Updated Late 2016

Directional Lighting on Gallery

Over two years ago, when we wrote this original post, there was general angst from lighting designers, contractors and owners about the usefulness of LED MR16 lamps as viable replacements for halogen MR16 in commercial display lighting applications. At the time, we cited a USDOE report from 2014 that showed “very few of the LED MR16…

Retail Stores Face a Challenging Question: Is Now the Time to Switch to LED Lighting?

mall lighting

Effective lighting for retail stores focuses on two concepts: entice shoppers to enter the store and, once they are in the store, direct their attention to the merchandise. This basic formula gets more complex, depending on the store, with the need to find a balance with other important issues such as energy use, maintenance costs,…

Replacing HID with LED in High Bay Applications Offers Potential Benefits But Requires Careful Analysis

Warehouse Lighting

The lighting for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, industrial work spaces, big box retail and gymnasiums often consists of high bay fixtures equipped with and HID light source — usually metal halide lamps. The higher wattage metal halide bulbs used in the high bay ceiling fixtures provide the lumen output and general lighting distribution required for these…

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