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What Does the IP Rating of a Light Fixture Mean?

rain on building with light fixtures

  The specifications for light fixtures often include a value for IP, the abbreviation for International Protection Marking (sometimes referred to as Ingress Protection Marking). The IP rating system is an International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard that applies to many product categories including lighting. Why IP Ratings Are Important The IP rating informs the buyer…

Everything-in-the-Box LED Recessed Downlight Kits Simplify Installation

recessed lighting in kitchen

Good news for contractors and home do-it-yourselfers looking for a fool-proof way to add LED lighting to your next project. Topbulb now offers convenient LED recessed downlight kits that include everything you need to simplify fixture installation. These kits are designed for both new construction and retrofits in either insulated (IC) or non-insulated ceilings. Each…

Before Buying an LED Fixture, Find Out if the LED Array Inside can be Replaced

recessed cans in museum with LED array overlay

Every day more and more customers, both residential and commercial, contact us about LED lighting. The LED media buzz has been so pervasive that virtually everyone has heard about LEDs and feels compelled to at least give them a look the next time they buy lighting. LED replacement bulbs are usually the first experience with…