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Replacement Options for 60W Incandescent

View the bulbs shown in the chart below: 60W Incandescent43W Halogen, 13W CFL12W LED

60W Incandescent Replacement Options

* Dimmable CFL bulbs are available at higher cost

** These are typical costs. The largest cost variation is with LED where premium brands (GE, Philips, Sylvania) will be about $30 and value brands as low as $10 per bulb.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the standard 60W incandescent still available?

Yes, Topbulb still has inventory for sale. See 60W Warm White

Which replacement option has the lowest initial cost?

Does the LED bulb burn out completely at 25,000 hours?

No, at 25,000 hours the LED will still be producing light but it will have only about 70% of the light output compared to a new bulb.

How many years will an LED bulb last?

If the bulb burns an average of 3 hours a day, it will produce useful light for about 23 years.

Which replacement option starts instantly if used as outdoor bulb in a cold climate?

Which of these bulbs contain mercury?

Only the CFL bulb.